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About us


Curious who we are and what we’re up to? Allow us to take you on a sightseeing trip along our highlights.  We fill you in about our history and our vision, our muse – spoiler: it’s you – and our collection full of new forever pieces.

Born to create

Age is just a number – a woman never reveals her age, well, we couldn’t be bothered less. Josephine & Co is born in 1994. Do the math: mature enough to be confident, young enough to embrace the time spirit. Founding father: Harold van der Mark. That’s right, the driving force behind this women's fashion brand is a man. A man with vision and impeccable sense of style, a man who knows what women want. Based on the experience of running a successful self-owned womenswear boutique, he pushed his know-how to a higher level by sculpting a women’s fashion brand to his own unique vision. Out of love and respect for his parents, he named the brand Josephine & Co. Born in 1994 – born to create

Born to be confident

Our vision: clothes should make you feel good, always. Beyond the level of comfort, confidence is key. As confidence comes naturally when every aspect of your outfit is 100% spot on, we’re fully focused on the perfect fit, sourcing the best fabrics and knits, crafting piece by piece with love and respect. Every single garment is designed with you in mind. Your dynamic life, your need for comfort, your love for fashion, your diverse personality. Urban & edgy. Feminine & stylish. Cool & casual. Confident, above all. There’s a Josephine in every woman. With our kick ass feel-good fashion, we support her to claim her spotlight.

Born to stay

Our new forever pieces offer more than just a fashion fix. They’re timeless character pieces, carefully crafted from premium fabrics & yarns, durable and lasting in essence. Say goodbye to sagging pants, perfect Tees losing their shape, favourite sweaters growing outdated. Our collections are designed to be future proof. Without being boring or predictable. Up to date detailing adds a contemporary edge, without limiting styling options in terms of pairing with basic essentials. The latter are always well presented, dyed in seasonally repeated colours, allowing you to expand your wardrobe continuously. Letting it grow, rather than disposing and replacing key pieces. The new forever pieces – born to stay

Inspired by our story and our collection?  Darn if you’re not.  Josephine & Co is here for you, you spirited power woman. Whether you juggle a busy job, 2.2 kids, a dog, a food blog and a serious addiction to city trips - whether you run your own business ánd vegetable garden, collect 18th century antiques and consider yoga a daily must. You live with heart & soul - you dress with heart & soul. Josephine & Co gets you.

Enough chit chat, let your new forever pieces speak for themselves. They’re awaiting you in the shop.