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Toes in the sand. Cocktail in hand. Summer soundtrack on demand.

Living as if it's always a vacation? Havana is the place to be. It's always summer, music resonates on every street corner, and as the evening falls, colonial squares transform into open-air salsa clubs where people dance, drink, dine, and stroll carefree. Living like there's no tomorrow. Josephine & Co takes you to vibrant Havana, where brightly colored houses, sun-bleached old-timers, and the omnipresent Holiday State Of Mind set the atmosphere. Summer 2024 is on!

Buenas Dias!
Holiday mode is on, nothing to do, all day to do it. Yoga on the rooftop? Just turn around for a few more moments in the cool sheets or go for breakfast in the sun? Enjoy a fresh and relaxed start to the day in crispy poplin and airy seersucker. In fresh, bright white or soft pastel shades, plain or playfully striped. 

Cafecito time, sightseeing time, beach time... whatever you're up to, make it your “me-time”. Explore the city in stylish cotton or linen shirt dresses, relaxed cargo pants, and luxurious tencel denim combined with linen shirts and lightweight blouses in fresh stripes. Soak up the sun in our beach-proof shorts with tropical flower prints and jersey tank tops, and keep a loose-fit lightweight cotton voile button-down blouse ready to protect your shoulders from the blazing sun. Life's a beach.

Hola amigos & family.
Lunch with your loved ones. Making memories. Casual linen, cool cotton, relaxed shorts, and knee-length tunic dresses effortlessly accompany you from the dining table to the hammock for a long, lazy siesta. Slow Fashion is made for lazy days.

Dress up, show up
. Dining in a local hotspot, after-dinner drinks in the rooftop bar, and as the sky shifts from blue to pink, shoes off and dance until the sun rises again. Make it memorable in dresses with brightly colored tropical flowers, funky retro prints, or chic satin.

Half of our heart is in Havana. The other half resides here and now. Is your Mojito waiting on a terrace table? Is a stroll through the city your sightseeing trip? We got you. With the new Spring Summer 2024 collection from Josephine & Co, you'll find stylish New Forever Pieces for every day, wherever you are, and whatever you do. 

Savour your Holiday State Of Mind

Welcome to Josephine & Co - Dutch Fashion in the Heart of Amsterdam!

Discover timeless elegance with Josephine & Co, an Amsterdam-based fashion brand that captures the essence of Dutch style and elegance. Our curated collections are designed for sophisticated women who appreciate quality and craftsmanship.

Designed in Amsterdam, with care & love, each garment in our collection reflects the unique blend of Dutch heritage and contemporary fashion. From the bustling streets of Amsterdam to your wardrobe, our pieces are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every stitch tells a story.

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